Gabby Gillespie

Animator and Visual Effects Artist


3D animation student specializing in 
creature performance and digital visual effects. I strive for a balance between believability and stylized work to create unique experiences for both characters and audiences. 


•  Autodesk Maya


• Adobe Photoshop  

•  Adobe Illustrator 

•  Adobe After Effects


• SCAD Dean’s List -- 2017-2020

•  Awarded Youth Tech Inc.’s Animation Studio class “Best of the Best” award – 2016


Savannah College of Art and Design

•    M.A. in Visual Effects - expected May 2023
•    B.F.A. in Animation - expected May 2022  
•    Rising Star and eStar Pre-college Program - 2017-2018


Creature Animator --- “Enter The Oligocene"--- 2020

•    Animated creature cycles in Maya for an Unreal VR project. 

•    Collaborated with the director to ensure the movements in the                 animation reflected the prehistoric mammal. 

Movie Theater Attendant --- B&B Theatres --- 2019-2020

•    Informed patrons about the content and scheduling of 
      current films being shown.
•    Strategized cleaning schedules so busier theaters were 
      cleaned on time.
•    Operated computer sales system and handled money.

Character Colorist --- “Treasure”, Animated Short Film --- 2017

•    Assisted in coloring the frames for the animated scenes. 
•    Communicated with the director of the film to discuss the 
      most effective ways to present the character. 
•    Polished the art within the frames during cleanup.

Logo Designer --- Blue Valley Northwest Bowling Team --- 2016

•    Interpreted the team’s vision for the logo. 
•    Visualized the logo’s design and illustrated it digitally.

Volunteer Work

SCAD Savannah Film Festival --- 2018- 2019

•    Informed attendees and the public about the film festival’s
     events and history. 
•    Managed lines into the theater and tore attendee’s tickets. 
•    Directed attendees to their correct destination. 

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