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About Me

Gabby Gillespie

Born in Overland Park, KS

Currently resides in Savannah, GA




Hi, I’m Gabby Gillespie!

I am a 3D Animator from the quiet plains and suburbia of Overland Park, Kansas. The number one goal in my work is to breathe life into characters through believable performance!

If it wasn’t already obvious from the big red dragon at the top of each page, I love dragons and mythical creatures! You’ll find them throughout my animation and character artwork. You can see more of this artwork here! I’ve had this fascination in creatures since I was a little girl. This intense interest led me towards animation because it allows me to bring these mythical beings to life. That is how I ended up at the Savannah College of Art and Design and eventually with a BFA in Animation. Even if dragons are not real, using elements and studying creatures from the real world can make them feel real in my work.

In my free time, I love gardening and skateboarding. Of course, you can also find me watching TV or movies for enjoyment, and to gain inspiration for my own work. A habit I never grew out of was asking as many questions as possible during a movie. “How’d they do that?”, “I wonder how long that took to animate?”, or “Was that practical or CG?” are all the constant thoughts bombarding my brain as I consume animated or visual effects-heavy content. This is one of the other many reasons I pursued animation, to answer these nagging questions. During my education, I became the magician behind the magic of animation. Younger me would be surprised to find out I still have just as many questions to answer in my pursuit of learning animation, and I’m constantly seeking out new ways and techniques to answer them and improve my craft.


Thank you for visiting my website!

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